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Casa Azafrán

A Home For All. Mi Casa es Tu Casa.

Welcome to Casa Azafrán! Conveniently located near downtown Nashville, Casa Azafrán stands at the gateway to Nashville’s most international and socially diverse district. Casa Azafrán is both a beautiful event space and home to a collective of nonprofits who offer services in education, legal, health care and the arts to immigrants, refugees and the community as a whole.

Casa Azafrán is considered as a home for all! It is a beautiful home and event space for non-profit organizations that offer legal, education, arts, and health care services to refugees, immigrants, and the community as a whole. Sometimes, we just need a hub where all of us could unite. In the first place, we are all created equally in the eyes of God. We should help hand in hand to have a better world. We are just brothers and sisters originated from the womb of one person. And we are just formed by our one and only creator, God.

Casa Azafrán is just a small place with many people. Why not spread the love all over the world? We can inform other people that there is this place where we could actually be one, without any division. We can create community where everyone could live in peace. Let us promote it using the internet. However, we should make sure that we are not to be harmed. We should have backconnect proxies in our computers so that we will be protected against online threats. We should not promote illegal activities by not allowing them to make us as victims. These proxies will help us achieve our goals instantaneously.

Bienvenidos a Casa Azafrán! Convenientemente ubicado cerca del centro de Nashville, Casa Azafrán marca la entrada a la zona más internacional de Nashville. Casa Azafrán es a la vez un hermoso espacio para eventos, y hogar de un colectivo de organizaciones que ofrecen servicios de educación, atención de la salud,  jurídica y las artes a los inmigrantes, los refugiados y la comunidad en su conjunto.

In the News

Hear! Hear! What They Are Saying About Our Casa

Casa Azafrán “should be an example across the country on ‘smart building and design’ meets ‘economic and cultural investment’ through public/private partnerships.” Read more.
Urban Land Institute Nashville, Excellence in Development Award, May 2014

“It holds the potential to transform not only the tract of land it occupies, but the very fabric of the city — or at least how the threads of that fabric are interwoven. It could spur unprecedented economic development. It has already started to draw new visitors to the city and showcase a side of Nashville that has rarely permeated the prevailing Music City lore. We’re speaking, of course, about Casa Azafrán … the community center on Nolensville Road that has become the unofficial gateway to Nashville’s most diverse corridor (…).” Read full story.
Steve Haruch, Nashville Scene, November 2013

“In one short year, Casa Azafrán has emerged as an important cultural and economic hub in Nashville. I see Casa Azafrán as a good model for how a community-led center can help revitalize a surrounding neighborhood, increase collaboration among nonprofits around a common goal, and provide much-needed services for those in our city.”
Mayor Karl Dean, Nashville Scene, November 2013

“At Casa Azafrán’s grand opening, the culturally interlaced Nashville of the future arrives early”
Read full story. Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene, December 2012

Federal dollars invested in Casa Azafrán “was money very well spent. This building, and Conexión, is all about building those bridges (…). This is world-class. This is path breaking. This is historic.”
U.S. Congressman Jim Cooper, The Tennessean, December 2012

Explore Casa Azafrán

  • Negocio Prospero
  • Sunday Brunch at Casa Azafran
  • Global Education Center studio at Casa Azafran
  • Photo exhibit by Carter Andrews at Casa Azafran
  • The Making of "Migration" mosaic
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